A brief history of the Waring Rooms....

The St. Andrews In Memoriam Schools were built in 1869 by Walter Waring J.P. in memory of his father, Francis John Waring M.A. who was Vicar of Heybridge from January 15th 1798 until his death in 1833. Francis Waring was well known and loved in the whole Maldon area both for his wit and his eccentricity. Walter Waring was baptised at Heybridge in 1806 the son of Francis and Abra Maria Waring (formerly Polley). There are six graves of the Waring family in the churchyard alongside the north wall of the Chancel.


The schools continued to serve the Parish until the building of what is now known as the "Old" Heybridge school opposite Bentallís shopping complex. The St Andrewís schools closed in 1900. The Church has used the building as its meeting rooms ever since but it is still covered by a Trust which limits its use to educational activities. Until the mid-1970s there was no mains drainage or proper toilets and the heaters were very antiquated (and smelly) gas heaters. At that time it was the only available hall in Heybridge and was the rather unsuitable home of the Infant Welfare clinic. After the building of the (first) village hall on the Plantation Field, the Church was able to obtain a waiver on the Trust to undertake a programme of modernisation to bring the Waring Room to its present standard.

In 2012 the building underwent a £35,000 refurb as part of a joint project between a housing association and a housing repairs company. The revamp was led and funded by social housing repairs and maintenance company Mears, with support from Moat housing association, which has 25 per cent of its housing stock in the Maldon district.







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